Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Facilitation Kit

A new assessment-driven learning experience that will help you and your organization reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team.

Everything you need to successfully facilitate The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ sessions. This kit includes a USB drive installed with: 

  • Facilitator's Guide with seven (Introduction, the Five Behaviors, and Review & Action Plan) scripted modules
  • PowerPoint with over 40 minutes of video *
  • Participant handouts with activities
  • Take-away cards for each of the Five Behaviors
  • Sample reports to help facilitators prepare for team sessions
  • Audio podcasts to listen to insights on each of the five behaviors, the team profile, and the Annotated Team Report

* Pick and choose from a menu of informative, engaging, and memorable videos. You can use them as stand-alone footage or integrate them into an existing or customized presentation. Choose from engaging classroom style video shorts featuring:

  • Patrick Lencioni
  • Video reenactments of modern workplace scenarios that most teams will recognize  
  • Videos with additional tips, stories, and guidance to help facilitators better understand the five behaviors and how to work with team leaders

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is designed exclusively for INTACT teams and work groups.